Tlu's Super-Lite Exalted Ruleshack

First things first, stat your characters up like normal with the houserules.

  • Difficulty scales from 1 to 11.
    • 1 = Beginner
    • 5 = Some proficiency required
    • 10 = Master of the trade
    • 11 = Legendary Difficulty
  • The dicepool is pretty much the same – Attribute + Ability + Specialty + Miscellaneous. Miscellaneous can be either magic, or just situational bonuses. Pretty simple. If trhe pool meets or exceeds the difficulty, it’s an auto-success, no roll needed. If the pool is less than the difficulty, however, roll against half of the difficulty, rounded down. Rolls still work the same way – 10s count twice, successes are successes, and a botch is hilarious.
    • EXAMPLE: Ophira is in a chase through a crowded city. The difficulty’s 7 because it’s so crowded. She has Wits 4 + Drive 2 + Fleeing 1 + 6th Agumentation 3, for a total pool of 10 – so she’s able to easily leave her pursuers behind.

Now, that’s just your general “give me an awareness check” type task. What about an actual conflict?

  • To find the pool of an NPC, use the formula: Attribute + Ability + Specialty + Miscellaneous + Essence. NPCs do not get a stunt bonus. PCs get a pool of Attribute + Ability + Specialty + Miscellaneous + Stunt.
  • In a rolloff, difficulty is once again halved if a roll is neccessary, but the opposing party’s roll isn’t halved when they roll.
  • A botch reduces the botcher’s dicepool by one. This stacks, and does not wear off. On the other hand, every 10 increases the overachiever’s pool by 1 for the next roll, but only the next roll.
    • EXAMPLE: Ophira and Xue Yan are arguing about the best way to sew a dress. This results in an unusual pool of Manipulation or Charisma and Craft, with a modifier of their appearance.
    • Ophira’s pool is Manipulation 4 + Craft 3 + Appearance 4 + Craft Air 1 + 4th Manip 1 + Stunt 2 = 15
    • Xue Yan’s pool is Charisma 2 + Craft 5 + Appearance 4 + Craft Air 3 + Essence 1 = 15
      • Ophira, as the PC, automatically wins the argument – but only barely.

Tlu's Super-Lite Exalted Ruleshack

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